Web Based Training

Global Technology Group served as the principal vendor for the development of a CBT and WBT sales training system for a major Pharmaceutical company's international sales force. The Global Technology Group's Sales training, assessment and reporting system was designed to fulfill this need. This section is to provide you with a better understanding of web based training (WBT).

What is Web Based Training (WBT)?

  • An innovative approach to distance learning in which computer based training (CBT) is transferred by the technologies and methodologies of the World Wide Web, the Internet, and corporate intranets.
  • Presentations of live content, as fresh as the moment and modified at will, in an environment allowing for self-directed, self-paced instruction in any topic.
  • Media-rich training fully capable of evaluation, adaptation, and remediation, all independent of computer platform.
  • An ideal vehicle for delivering training to sales forces anywhere in the world at any time.

Which software should I use to develop and implement WBT?

The software that provides the tools that meets the client's specific needs. The critical first step is to conduct a technical analysis of your needs. You also need to assess your sales force's skills at using development tools. And, of course, assess your budget, for some development software is quite expensive.