Size and Structure Software

The Sales Force - Size and Structure Software (SAS) tool is a customized application software system designed for Sales Force Effectiveness organizations as an automated Sales Force Studies Analysis Tool.

SAS is designed to support on-going local market sales force size and structuring activities and to provide local, regional, and home office Sales Management with decision support information.

SAS consists of one data collection, and three Sales Management Decision Support reporting modules.

The Data Collection module is designed to store local sales force attributes such as team size, product alignment, actual/goal days on territory, actual/goal calls per day per representative, annual vacancy percentage, and annual loaded cost per representative. Additionally, target totals, yearly customer call objective, and brand marketing team plans are collected and stored for historical comparison/analysis. The variation of alignment structure is stored as individual market selling period scenarios.

The Market Assessment Report includes - ten segments of notes organized as management summary information, workload buildup calculations using actual and goal information, comparisons and variances between scenarios, and a Share of Voice vs. Share of Market, and Market Sales graphs for all local market Company products.

The SAS sales and market share graphing module utilizes syndicated product and locally collected voice share data for Company and top competitive companies,

SAS utilizes cost of representative and total Company sales information for calculation in the sales force cost as Percent of Total Sales and the Financial Impact analysis reports and graphing module.

As a result of completing a Market Size and Structure Study via the SAS software, information entered during the collection process is stored for ad-hoc analysis and reporting at local,regional, and corporate levels for Sales Management decision support reporting.

Finally, once a Size and Structure alignment scenario has been implemented - the scenario is utilized as a baseline for future sizing and structuring alignment activities and analysis.