iT Software Development Center Services

The Global Technology Group is a growth company with numerous Pharmaceutical clients. Across our client base, we maintain an on-site staff of approximately 100 consultants. Additionally, we maintain an in-house permanent staff at our corporate headquarters.

IT Software Development Services

Global Technology Group provides software development, support and report fulfillment services from our Somerset NJ Software Development Data Center. At these headquarters we have built a state-of-the-art facility that includes: a high-speed internal network consisting of a fiber optic and Category 5 infrastructure; high-speed printers; multi-processor file and database servers; workstations; and the latest in PC Hardware. The on-going commitment to our technology infrastructure has allowed us to develop numerous customized software applications for our clients.

Software Development Accomplishments

A large portion of our client base is within the Pharmaceutical industry. The following highlights some of our accomplishments within the industry. During this period, we placed approximately 100 on-site consultants at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Global Technology Group was the 3rd largest IT consultant placement vendor for the development of commercial systems projects at Novartis. Additionally, we are an approved IT permanent placement firm at Novartis. At the client’s request, we have allowed several consultants to convert to permanent status.

During this period, we developed three applications for Bristol-Myers Squibb within their World Wide Sales Force Effectiveness Group. A brief description of each development project is as follows:

  • Sales Force Size and Structure (SAS) software system.
  • FLASH, a skill assessment and training-planning tool for first and second line sales managers. This tool was designed for the desktop (VB) and the Internet (HTML).
  • Sequoia, sales force product-training tool for sales representatives. This tool was designed utilizing client/server and Web based technologies.

We developed two applications for the Field Operations Group at Nycomed Amersham. The bid was awarded to Global Technology Group over CSC, despite CSC’s seven-year presence at Nycomed Amersham. A brief description of each project is as follows:

  • Sales Force Bonus Incentive Payout System (NABS). This system consists of a batch SAS (Statistical Analytical Systems) back-end and a Visual Basic user control front-end. Raw sales and alignment data are forwarded to our local servers for month processing
  • Sales Force Sales Reports. These reports report IMS/DDD and Direct sales and provide a monthly baseline for the NABS system. These reports are processed and printed at our Somerset office. Reports are collated, bound and distributed to Sales Force personnel from our office on a monthly basis.

Global Technology Group was awarded approved vendor status by the GCO organization at Johnson and Johnson in February 2000.

Global Technology Group was awarded approved vendor status by the VMS organization at Aventis in March 2003.

Software Support Accomplishments

Global Technology Group develops sales training and assessment software for Bristol-Myers Squibb. The software is part of a “Distance Learning” initiative put into place by our client. Our software enables sales representatives to access the company training and assessment materials on their desktops via CD ROM. The CD ROMs are created and packaged at our headquarters and shipped to countries around the world. Our Internet-based software resides on our Internet server located and maintained at our headquarters.

Report Distribution and Fulfillment

Global Technology Group processes, collates and distributes Nycomed Amersham Monthly Sales Tracking reports to approximately 200 Sales Force field personnel.