Our Company


The Global Technology Group was founded as a privately held corporation in 1992. Originally founded as system software development company the firm has grown to an organization that specializes in the recruitment and placement of IT professionals.


The Global Technology Group management structure is Luke T. Meisenbacher CEO and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


Global Technology Group provides a wide range of professional IT staffing and services including production support,fixed price software development, management science consulting, technical writing, and end user support. We are responsible for the staffing of development and maintenance projects that range form massive mainframe to small PC efforts. We have considerable background in client/server, Internet, telecommunications, and network environments. Our experience includes all aspects of the systems development life cycle.

Global Technology Group serves major American and international corporations based in New York and New Jersey. Our mission is to provide staff that will design, develop, implement and support advanced software technologies for management science, engineering, and image-based applications.

Our team puts special emphasis on the development of generalized models and methodologies designed to provide powerful, customized, analytical tools for high level corporate managers. The firm consults in a one-on-one relationship with the corporate manager and staff members to identify the problem at-hand. We will assist in providing the staffing and/or software solutions which allow for the delivery of a functional system in minimal time while allowing for efficient implementation of future enhancements and organizations. Global Technology Group works closely with internal corporate information science resources to ensure optimized usage of all available resources.

Global Technology Group is based in Somerset, New Jersey. It is from these facilities that our company recruits and hires IT staff for our corporate client based in New York and New Jersey. The Global Technology Group meets all professional liability requirements of our Corporate Clients.