Recruiting Practices

The Global Technology Group was originally founded as a recruiting agency. The most significant success and growth factor of our company can be attributed to our recruiting practices. Currently, we are operating at a turnover rate of about 15% compared to 33% across our industry. Currently the Global Technology Group attends job fairs on a regular basis. In some cases our recruiting focus is on a certain “hot skill “ - in other cases, our recruiting focus is completely client based.

Recruiting Methodology:

Client Position Requirement Specifics:
Detailed questioning of the hiring manager and/or supervisor for job requirements and responsibilities. Specifics include experience levels, technical background, communication requirements, travel or overtime requirements and length of assignment.
Due to the demand on supply (i.e. skilled consultants) we also will attempt to detail the job benefits. These include financial compensation range, working hours (flex), working environment (cubicle, conference room, from home), accessibility of company and right to hire possibilities.

Position Requirement Construction and Distribution:

Utilizing the information we have acquired form the hiring manager, a detailed job description is constructed and distributed. The requirement contains the following:

Company profile (Industry and Geographical location)
Job Requirements (Technical skills and MIS experience)
Standard Compensation (based on client rate)
Additional Compensation (paid vacation/sick/holidays days, performance bonuses, recruiting and placement bonuses - paid by Global Technology Group)

Screening Response Phase

  • The Global Technology Group does not sell a candidate on a job.
  • Skills must match clients expectation and compensation must match consultants expectation. If these two (2) important criteria are not met, poor performance and/or turnover/termination are HIGHLY PROBABLE.
  • The Global Technology Group screens all resumes to requirement responses.
  • If a resume is not qualified, the candidate is contacted and either redirected to another position or placed in a pending status. All resumes are responded to.

The resumes that are passed through first level screening, is then checked for interest in the specific position over the phone. During this phase of the process, compensation is discussed and a first level communications interview takes place. If communication skills meet the requirements of the job and a general compensation range is agreed to, references are checked and the candidate is passed to the technical interview phase.

Technical Interview Phase:

  • The Global Technology Group utilizes consultant staff employees as technical interviewers.
  • Whenever possible, we utilize technical interviewers currently on client staff to perform the interview.
  • Most technical interviews generally take a very textbook approach with most consultant agencies.
  • The Global Technology utilizes technical interviewers that are capable of mixing text book and experience type questions.

Value Added Interview Phase:

  • The Global Technology Group utilizes a member of the in-house management team to perform a “value added” type of interview.
  • All Global Technology Group management personnel have MIS backgrounds and Computer Science Degrees and/or backgrounds.
  • During this phase we determine if the candidate fits the client requirement and environment.

We examine a candidates work history for average length of stay and reason for leaving all assignments. We interview for “value added” traits such as above average pride in work, flexibility, and ability to problem solve and deal with difficult situations.

Candidates that passed this phase are forwarded to clients for further interviewing and acceptance.